100 Nu Tongzhi $10,000 initiatives
Nu Tongzhi = Queer Women

What can 100 Nu tongzhi do together? We will certainly have fun. We will build friendship, and some may fall in love. Some will brawl and some will forgive. Some will borrow and surely some will give. We will build a community that heals, inspires and empowers us all. When we each commit to collect $100, we will have a pool of $10,000 to build our communities through timely projects.

Give $100 a year is giving less than 30 cents a day.
Ask 10 friends for $10 and you will have raised $100

Following is a list of Nu Tongzhi community projects seeking funding. These are timely and critical projects run by volunteers.

Managing Organization: Common Language (同?)

1. The state of today’s Nu Tong in China National Survey – no such data ever exists in the country. We want to collect it ourselves.

2. Nu Tong Community Web Radio Start up – building communication infrastructure for a sustainable national community. We have the skill, the network, and the commitment. Any amount of start up funds will help greatly.

3. The 1st National Nu Tong Empowerment Conference (大?女同社?工作研??) – this historic gathering was held June 24 to 26, 2005 in Beijing. We were able to sponsor 40 Nu Tongzhi from 15 provinces of China. More funding is needed for post-conference report and follow-up in building an active network.

4. Nu Tong Cultural Festival National Tour – We found that one of the best ways to engage isolated and marginalized communities is through cultural activities and through support for artists.

Hong Kong
Managing Organization: F’Union

Brazen Women: Hong Kong Women who have Same-Sex Desires - An Oral History Project 1950-2004 (香港會愛上女人的女人口述歷史計劃). This is the first project of its kind in Hong Kong aiming at documenting the life history of women who desire women in their own voices.

Managing Organization: Gender/Sexuality Rights Association Taiwan (台灣性別人權協會)

1. The 1st International Asian Lesbian Film Festival (2005亞洲拉子影展), Aug 5 to 10, 2005 - Our objectives are to share the experiences among Asian queer/trans/lesbian/bisexual women, foster discussion of our concerns and encourage more cross-cultural dialogue, creative, networking and collaborative possibilities for sexual minorities within Asia. Many of the works to be screened have not been shown outside of local communities.

2. Nu Tong Documentary film: "T-P Factory" (T婆工廠). Migrant workers make up a large proportion of Taiwan’s labor force, and especially in the manufacturing and domestic worker/caretaker sectors, women migrant workers are the in the majority. Amongst the many women migrant workers who have come to Taiwan from the Philippines, we find not a few lesbian partners who have come together. Some of these luckily have ended up working in the same factory; others can only work far apart, and arrange to meet on the rare holiday. Through Taiwan’s filmmakers, we are able to see how these lesbian migrant workers struggle for their survival, their lives and their future.

3. Nu Tong Softball Team (小摩拉子壘球隊) to enter the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago - Established in 2001, “MoreLes” team is the first lesbian softball team in Taiwan; we went to 2002 Sydney Gay Games. We believe in presenting positive image of lesbians and building a community through sports. We are seeking funding to play at the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago.

New York
Managing Organization: Institute for Tongzhi Studies
Nu Tong leadership training program – Working with international students, visiting artists, and community groups, we are building an experience-sharing network on anti-oppression organizing.

All 2005 donations will be divided equally among these projects.
Time is now. Please help support our activist sisters.
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Supports from allies are welcome.

Please send tax-deductible check of $100 or more to:
Astraea Foundation – 100 Nu Tongzhi Fund
c/o Institute for Tongzhi Studies
532 La Guardia Place #595
New York, NY 10012