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Posted by: pingying
100 Nu Tongzhi $10,000 initiatives
Nu Tongzhi = Queer Women

What can 100 Nu tongzhi do together? We will certainly have fun. We will build friendship, and some may fall in love. Some will brawl and some will forgive. Some will borrow and surely some will give. We will build a community that heals, inspires and empowers us all. When we each commit to collect $100, we will have a pool of $10,000 to build our communities through timely projects.

Give $100 a year is giving less than 30 cents a day.
Ask 10 friends for $10 and you will have raised $100

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Category: 活動託播
Posted by: pingying

每週二(晚上)19:00─21:50 (共18週)



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