01/05: 新教宗的商標出爐囉

ㄟ,Coat of Arms 怎麼翻咧?說成家徽、族徽都怪怪的。

The bear, which is saddled with heavy packs, symbolizes the weight of the papal office, the diocese said in a statement.

It has its origins in a Bavarian legend concerning the diocese's patron, Korbinian, who encountered the animal while on a trip to Rome. The bear ate Korbinian's mule, and God saddled it with the mule's packs.

The mussel dates back to a parable by St. Augustine -- about whose works the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger wrote his final thesis -- and symbolizes "diving into the groundless sea of God," the diocese said.

但最令人好奇的人頭卻沒有說明,更特別的是據說新教宗還在當主教時候就已經有用這顆人頭了。 The Pope Blog 裡面有一堆網友在七嘴八舌猜測中,就我觀察這個blog上的網友比只會抄新聞稿的記者厲害多了。不過我也不曉得他們講的到底對不對,比報紙有趣就是了。


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偶個人認為...那個人頭看起來像咱們的媽祖婆.... :down:
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